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Vertical Farm in Riyadh

About Our Farm

We are a smart vertical farm located in the heart of Riyadh

At Bather farm, we envision a greener and healthier Saudi Arabia, where agriculture gives to the people and planet more than it takes. In order to achieve that, we have made it our mission to introduce and provide to Saudi Arabia, the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious microgreens whilst introducing the great effects it has on your health.

We take pride in our specialized microgreens as they are grown in a controlled environment that is monitored around the clock; ensuring pesticide and non-GMO-free local products that are healthy, tasty and perfect in every sense!

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Team Members

Ronald Hill, CEO & Founder of Lawnella.

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We Can Create an Environment That’s Beyond
Your Imagination.

Batherfarm’s goal is to build sustainable and intelligent farms. Our farms will deliver healthy and safe products with a focus on premium flavor to our great families, grocery store customers, and restaurant partners in the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Khalid Shokair, CEO & Founder of Bather Farm.

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