It is estimated that by 2050 the population of the Earth will reach 9,8 billion.

Traditional farming will be insufficient to feed all those people which is why the food industry needs to be transformed now.

Farm Features

  • Bather Vertical Farm is a factory for urban indoor smart farming with technologies to grow healthy plants all year round without using pesticides.
  • Bather Farms are hydroponic vertical farms which means that our crops are grown in water instead of soil.
  • Automated climate control, smart power control and our LED lighting ensure the plants are provided with everything necessary for rapid growth. As a result, the crop ripens twice as fast as outdoors.
  • Our own software iFarm Growtune enables us to continuously monitor the microclimate and manage every process on the farm from demand forecasts to sales in just a few clicks. It provides clear instructions for farm employees and monitors harvesting.

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